Engineering Partner For PET Preform Mould

CNC Machining Centre

Detail decides success or failure, so we pay a great attention to every detail during the machining process. All of our staff chooses and processes the parts with great patience and chariness to make sure perfect exterior and product quality, thus to ease the difficulty of assembling.

Mold Assembly Workshop

The re-selection and technological improvement are carried out in our mold assembly workshop to ensure the best quality of the mold for debugging and installation. Every process is valued much. Our broad workshop, shining floor and tidy worktable can be a visual feast to you.

Machine Assembly Workshop

Every set of PET preform injection molding system is finally formed here. To ensure its steady high-performance running as expected and to reduce the emergence of malfunctions, our engineers in QC Dpt and D&R Dpt debug the machine repeatedly to make it work steadily, till it’s sold in best quality, so it can bring benefits to customers.

QC Facility  Perfect quality control system. We inspect all aspects of our production, and the strict control of quality also provides a strong guarantee. We achieve a full product quality control.
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